Thursday, November 26, 2009

Vallejo California Postcard Group

I recently dug through a fellow dealers unsorted postcard stock at a local show. I found an interesting 1940s real photo postcard from Vallejo California, a town near San Franscisco. The card had a really nice view of 40s cars, stores etc. so I put it aside to purchase.
A few minutes later I found another nice old view of the same town. And a few hundred cards later I found another, and another until I found eight different real photos from same town of Vallejo. I ending up buying them all as they were priced reasonably.

When I got home and looked through my purchases, I noticed that they were all sent from the same person in Vallejo to someone in Plainfield NJ. He sent one back east every few days, showing the recipient the town he lived in. He described on the back of each card what the view showed. A really nice snapshot of life in Vallejo Calif. around the late 1940s.

I considered breaking up the collection and probably would get more for the cards individually. But I kinda feel responsible now that I've got them all together again to keep them together. I'm hoping someone out there appreciates them as a collection as much as I do.....

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