Monday, September 28, 2009

Garden State Show Recap

The Garden State Postcard Club Show was as always alot of fun. Saturday turned out to be the busiest of the two days, with sales steady throughout the day.
Sunday was quite a bit slower, even with the rain (you would have thought it would drive more people indoors?). I'm told attendence was somewhere around 400+ for the two days combined.
As always, it was nice to see many dealers I do not often see. Sunday brought in some new dealers that were not set up Saturday.
Popular topics were: Foreign, NJ views, nudes, Real Photos, misc. states, 50s chrome and linen postcards.
Thanks go out to Dan Herzog and the Garden State club for another great year!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Getting ready for this weekend two day postcard show in Parsippany NJ! This is not one to miss with almost 50 dealers of great old postcards, vintage photographs and other memorabilia.

I'll have over 60 boxes of cards there from all states and collectable topics. Email me ahead of time so I can bring something specific for you.

Show hrs are Sat. 9/26 10-6 and Sun. 9/27 10-4.

Hope to see everyone there!

Mainzer Cat Postcard Collection

I just purchased another nice old collection of postcards. These are from a west coast collector of Mainzer Cat postcards! Each has a cute imaged of dressed cats doing things like getting their hair cut in a barber shop, going on a cruise, driving cars, playing carnival games etc.

Check out my site now for the best selection of vintage Mainzer Cat postcards, as they will not last long at $2.99-$4.99 !

Thanks, Kevin

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tuckerton Clamtown Show

Just finished this weekends Tuckerton NJ Clamtown Antiques Flea Market. We were disappointed that we got rained out on Saturday, but Sunday turned out to be a much better day!

The ground was wet and slippery, but the crowds did come out to shop. Notice I said "shop" and not buy! Money continues to be tight, with many of the sales being between $5-$20. I did notice alot of people carrying items, so it was not a bad day for some dealers.

Postcard sales were a bit slow. But local memorabilia sold ok. Inexpensive general antiques also sold well. I did not do much buying, as prices seemed pretty high, with many delaers not budging on price. There were a few items I had my eye on, but their selling price with no discount left no room for profit. Even at the end of the day, a few dealers would not negotiate.

Overall it was a fun day, sharing conversation with other dealers and friends coming by our space.

We're getting ready now for another event this month, our Parsippany NJ two day show up North. Hope to see everyone there!