Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I've just taken in on consignment a nice collection of vintage aviation postcards from a gentleman in Pittsburgh Pa. His focus was on commercial aircraft and airports, but the collection also has a nice selection of pioneer aircraft and Wright Brothers era postcards as well. Check out my auctions over the next week or so for a nice seletion of cards up for bid!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Just packing the van for this weekends Garden State Postcard Show in Parsippany NJ. Looks like lots of rain coming this weekend, so may be a messy set up this afternoon!

But a great weekend for a postcard show! What better to do indoors on a rainy weekend! Show is both days, Sat and & Sun, with over 40 dealers of vintage postcards, paper memorabilia and lots of collectible items!

Stop by the show and stay hi! Hope to see you there!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hot off the press!

A quick pic that ran in the Paper And Advertising Collector Magazine, Antiques And Auctions News and Barrs Postcard news of my sales partner John Leavey and myself at the Spring 2011 Greater NJ Postcard & Advertising Show in Ocean Grove NJ.  

Tuckerton Clamtown Flea Market

Just finished unpacking from the Tuckerton Clamtown Antique Flea Market here in NJ. It's always been one of our favorite shows, with lots of great buyers, long time dealer friends and a good "home town" feeling.

The weather, which was one of our biggest concerns, cooperated with the rain holding off throughout the day. But even with fair weather this years show seemed a bit off. Gone was the live music, the barbecued food vendor and the buying customers! Advertising for this local show was close to non-existent, and this was a huge mistake, as it was competing with the Ocean Grove Flea Market, Atlantic Highlands show and a big town wide event in nearby Barnegat NJ. Many of the regular dealers from years past were not there, and the field had many empty dealer spaces. Sales were weak to say the least.

Most sales were modest low dollar sales and there were many lookers. The consensus from most of the dealers was that the economy coupled with the management of the show and the lack of dealers caused overall poor results.

As always we made the best of it and we still had fun...let's hope everything improves for next year!  


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Irene is gone!

We made it through the night here in NJ and Hurricane Irene is on its way north! Our home faired ok, and its time to take the furniture down off the blocks and remove the sandbags from outside. Alot of cleanup in the yard with downed tree limbs etc.
Our postcard stock made it through safely also!
Thanks and hope to see you at the upcoming Tuckerton Antique Show and Garden State show in Parsippany NJ!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Some creepy collectibles!

I've recently aquired a large lot of old newspaper press releases from the 1915-1940 time period. After getting them home, I started noticing a trend...they all show some type of disasters, murder or criminals!
Included were a gruesome murder of a little girl by a serial killer back in the 1930s, an escaped convict from the famous Eastern penitentiary in Philadelphia and a tragic ship disaster in Chicago.
The Chicago story even has a bizarre link to todays Oprah Winfrey! Many have ties to hauntings of these places today!
Check out my current ebay auctions for some bizarre collectibles!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Circus Poster Collection!

Just started listing some beautiful vintage circus posters on eBay! They all come from an old time collection of 1940s era circus posters I've just taken in on consignment from a South Jersey collector. The graphics are unbelievable on these and the colors are so vibrant! Each of the posters are a unique work of lithography. Tigers, Hippos, Clowns! Each poster screams Circus! All posters are guaranteed original and any one of them would look super framed on your wall!
The circus depended on it's advertising to announce that it was coming to town. The circus often spent more money on advertising than any other industry at the time! Litho posters were a colorful and attractive way to advertise their shows. Advance "scouts" would travel ahead of each circus and post signs and posters for everyone to see. The success of the circus depended on filling the tent with paying customers and they went all out on designing and printing these colorful advertisements. Many of these old posters were torn down after the event and they are difficult to find in good condition.
Thanks for looking at my latest items up for bid!

Monday, February 21, 2011

This Saturday Is Our Belmar NJ Show!

Just a reminder that this Saturday Feb. 26 is the Jersey Shore Postcard Show at Belmar NJ !!!

Hope to see everyone there. I'm loading up boxes full of new additions to my stock. Something for everyone!
See the attached flyer for more details!
Thanks, Kevin

Sunday, January 30, 2011

NJ Shipwreck Collection

I've just listed a large collection of New Jersey shipwreck memorabilia on eBay this week!
This fine collection encompasses many years of collecting. Included in the collection were lots of great old books on the NJ coast and shipwrecks and NJ history. The other part of this great collection consisted of old postcards, original snapshots, vintage photographs and antique stereo cards, all showing New Jersey ship wrecks and Jersey Shore life saving.
The collection specialized on the Jersey Shore shipwrecks and contains some rare images such as ship wrecks at at Asbury Park, Atlantic City, Manasquan, Sea Girt, Long Branch, Seaside, Long Beach Island, Weehawken and more!
Check out the shipwreck auctions on eBay right now at the link shown. Thanks for looking!