Thursday, November 11, 2010

JJ Newberry Co In Asbury Park NJ

Every now and then you come across a postcard that brings back memories! Well I just picked up the postcard shown above at a recent postcard club auction. It shows the old J.J. Newberry Co. 5&10 in Asbury Park NJ. The store was located on Cookman Avenue in Asbury Park, in the downtown shopping district.

After graduating high school I managed several different drug stores and department stores. Many of them were in typical downtown locations...Keyport, Long Branch, New Brunswick, Perth Amboy and yes...this very Newberry's store in Asbury Park New Jersey back in the late 80s! I have fond memories of dressing those display windows in the front, from holiday decorations to the latest fashions! I remember the escalator, the candy counter, the luncheonette (and their famous fried chicken and patty melts!). It was hard work managing the store and employees, but also alot of fun.

I've always wanted one of these postcards showing my old store that I worked at, but up to this week I had never found one. The old 5 and 10 cent store is long gone, a victim of the new shopping malls, strip malls and the economy. But the building remains still today, as the site of a fitness gym!

But to me this storefront will always be a fond memory of my time spent in Asbury Park!

The 2010 Belmar Postcard Show

Just back from the 2010 Belmar Postcard show! As always a very fun show on the Jersey Shore. The weather was beautiful and lots of great dealers to peruse!

Traffic through the show was a bit light this year with around 150 through the door. For a while the tables were all busy but eventually throughout the day the crowd dwindled. Still all in all not a bad show, with several nice sales.

It was also a good buying show as usual with lots of great bargains to be had! I have plenty of fresh stock for my next show in Howell NJ in January 2011.

Thanks for stopping buy my tables!