Friday, May 22, 2009

New Collection Just Purchased

I've recently purchased a super collection of thousands of old postcards. Most if not all centered around the states of Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota and Missouri. The cards were carefully cared for all these years, even though not kept in albums or protective postcard sleeves.

The collector must have truly loved their postcards! What is amazing is the sheer number of real photo postcards in the collection! I would guess probably 400-500 of the cards were RP's ! The focus of the collection was small town views, from 1920 until around 1950 or so. Some super images of storefronts, cars, factories, lighthouses, steamboats etc. I'm proud to be offering these in the coming weeks on eBay.

Whats interesting is that I found a handful of cards in the collection that date to the 40s, but were written on and mailed after 1970! They apparently collected them, held onto them for many years, and then pulled them out and mailed them later!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Trailer Items Just Added !

Hi Trailer Guys and Girls!

I apologize for being slow lately adding new trailer items to my site for sale. But only because I have been so busy buying up new super trailer items to offer to eveyone!

I have about 50 new items to add and have just listed approx. 25 new additions on my site tonight. More to follow over the next few nights! Postcards, trailer brochures, match books and more!

Shop now for the best selection! As always, I offer Flat Rate $2.00 shipping regardless of quantity! Thanks for your past business...

Click below for the latest offerings...Thanks, Kevin