Thursday, April 16, 2009

Getting Ready For The Ocean Grove Show

Getting ready for the Ocean Grove NJ postcard show this Saturday.

Working tonight on sorting and pricing another thousand or so old postcards I recently picked up. I like to sort them into three categories: show stock, my website inventory and eBay items. I find that some cards sell better in one area or another.

I'll then go through and sleeve them in nice new postcard sleeves, stack them up in topics or states and then begin to price them. I like to think I'm usually on the low side of pricing, always pricing what I feel is a bit below or at a fair market value. I sell very well to dealers, so I must be pricing fairly!

I'll also load up the truck tonight and will probably bring approx. 50 boxes of nice old cards to the show. But it never fails...I'll leave my foreign postcards home time time, and then someone will walk up at the show and ask for them! But you cannot bring everything....

Stop by my table and say hello!

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