Saturday, September 10, 2011

Tuckerton Clamtown Flea Market

Just finished unpacking from the Tuckerton Clamtown Antique Flea Market here in NJ. It's always been one of our favorite shows, with lots of great buyers, long time dealer friends and a good "home town" feeling.

The weather, which was one of our biggest concerns, cooperated with the rain holding off throughout the day. But even with fair weather this years show seemed a bit off. Gone was the live music, the barbecued food vendor and the buying customers! Advertising for this local show was close to non-existent, and this was a huge mistake, as it was competing with the Ocean Grove Flea Market, Atlantic Highlands show and a big town wide event in nearby Barnegat NJ. Many of the regular dealers from years past were not there, and the field had many empty dealer spaces. Sales were weak to say the least.

Most sales were modest low dollar sales and there were many lookers. The consensus from most of the dealers was that the economy coupled with the management of the show and the lack of dealers caused overall poor results.

As always we made the best of it and we still had fun...let's hope everything improves for next year!  


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